Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Daily schedule using the Wisdom Booklets

On the Wisdom Searches an ATI mom asked what does our daily schedule look like? So here is a post of what my day typical day looks like using the WB.

Wisdom Booklet: subject ~Bible
 Every morning we start with the Wisdom Booklets because we want to start our day with God's word. We sit together as a family and review cover of the WB reading the verse, character trait, & major concept. We then sing the WB hymn together and sometimes other hymns . We then read scripture the WB recommends for wisdom searchers. Wisdom searches is exactly as it sounds we are reading the Bible looking for wisdom from God in His word . The wisdom searchers relate to the verse, concept, or character in some way.

Wisdom Booklet: reading resource
Each student has a WB. Ideally I will read the little peoples text out loud then dismiss those who can't read. This benefits the older students as it is a condensed version and outline of what we will be studying in the resource. The students who can read that remain each take a paragraph to read out loud as we go in a circle reading through the selected resource. I have really found the beneficial in having them practice reading out loud and strengthening their reading skills. I can also help them break up the word if struggling reading. Reading together also benefits we can discuss and relate it to the WB themes. It can take anywhere from 1-3 days to read through a resource sometimes more depending on how much information we are covering. 

Wisdom Booklet time is my favorite part of the day. I am always spiritually feed and love the discussions that come out of this time as a family together.

We then do the 3 Rs: Reading , writing, and arithmetic. which include:.

  • Math
  • Language arts : spelling ,writing, grammar, literature
  • reading
Lunch time!

Wisdom booklet projects are done in the afternoon. At this time we do a study and work on a notebook, writing assignment, or lapbook. We also can do hands on projects, crafts, art,chores,movie, read aloud etc. Whatever I have planned for the WB projects. 

 I would love to hear comments on how you use the Wisdom Booklets.It may just help another mom using the Wisdom Booklets :O)


  1. Thank you! I did get a few ideas on how to change things up for this coming year so I won't be so rushed in the mornings.


  2. Thank you for posting this. I am working on ours right now! We will have 8 1/2 out of 10 doing school this year ;-) ( the half is our 3 yr old! she will sit for awhile, and our 2yr old is here there and everywhere! )
    Have a great week.
    many Blessings-

  3. I would love to find out what both of your daily schedule looks like as you plan or time goes by.Having newborns and little ones in the mix can sure make things challenging lol but they are so worth it :O)

  4. So worth it! I will put mine up on the blog when I get it all figured out!

  5. Where is the daily schedule tab located? I clicked on the name of your blog, but there were no tabs that I saw along the top. Would you be able to post a link? Thank you so much! I love your website. It is sooo helpful and inspirational!

  6. I couldn't find the tab for the daily schedule. Can you help me?

  7. I am so sorry! I just found your posts! I am not sure why Blogger doesn't email me when I get a post. I removed the page and count find a post on it so I will post tomorrow for you guys.


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