Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baby chicks Plymouth Barred Rocks

Another school project :) Our baby chicks are here! As you can see Titus is so proud of these little chickens. I love Plymouth Barred Rocks. So the entire flock all 16 (1 rooster) are all Barred rocks. I think they are the most beautiful, friendly, meat/egg, & cold hardy chicken. They are my favorite. Last night the temperatures dropped to 0-4 degrees so I was concerned about them being shipped but they all arrived healthy.

They came in a small box with heat packs and the cutest nesting material in the shape of a nest.
I purchased them from My Pet Chicken. The larger hatchery require 25 so I ordered from My Pet Chicken who has a minimum order of 15. We plan to sell 6 and keep 10.
The kids each get a baby chick so here they are claiming their chicken.
We love the Christy series of a mission and a schoolhouse in the Appalachian  Mountains.So I named my chicks after the characters in the TV series/book.I thought it was appropriate since we are a one room school house & love missions.
So I named my Rooster ~* Birdseye
My chicks~* Rubymay, Christy, Mrs. Alice, Fair-light, Opal
The kids named their chicks~* Miriam, Angel, Nya, Barbie 
The older kids are not interested. I can remember their excitement at this age when their baby chicks came. 
I can't wait for eggs!!! What is your favorite kind of chicken?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mealworm farm

I love science especially Biology. I have started a mealworm farm. What a great way to teach insect life cycles while your family benefits. The mealworms & beetles we produce will be for the chickens during the winter when they can't free range as well as my pet turtles. The guys can also benefit when they go fishing.
I placed a life cycle chart on the sides. This also helps with less dusting :) while educating. The top chart shows how to move the mealworms through each stage which is why there are three drawers.  There are many great videos on Youtube and websites how to raise mealworms.  We own horses so I will be using the flaked oats as bedding since we will tons of it but you can use cornmeal or oats for the food/ bedding.
Vegetables and fruits keeps them hydrated as week as food. I have a tortoise so the left over  food she doesn't will go to the ,mealworms & chickens.

Another fun school science project!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New member of the family! Ruger also plans for 2014

     We have a new member of the family. His name is Ruger. He is a Wired-haired German Pointer that will be nine weeks old on Friday. We are praising God for the way he worked everything out with this puppy. A friend of my husband whom he enjoys hunting with has an awesome Wired-haired German Pointer.contacted my hubby to tell him there was a litter locally he came across and text-ed us the phone number. Our German Shorthair Molly who is pictures on the last picture will be 13 on the 10th of this month. She is old and retired.My husband had been wanting a hunting dog and especially now that he has friends to enjoy it with.

      We are thrilled and our desire for the year 2014 are these two goals. Malachi 4:6 And He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children. This is the last thing mentioned in the Old Testament. The second part of the verse is  lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.  . He calls for the elders to Titus 1: 8 be a lover of hospitality . a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate. O
So the two goals we have are to remodel our home which is now a need as things are falling apart and become a home of hospitality for our friends and visitors of the church come and gather to fellowship and get to know each other .The second is to be involved in less family separating activities and spend more time enjoying disciplining my children.Oh I how I love the Wisdom Booklets :) This winter we have slowed down and I have enjoyed being with my family. Both of these verse reflect  the Shema in Deuteronomy. 6:5-9 which is a Rhema and vision that God has used to direct  our lives.
  God is good. Somethings are hard to let go while others are hard to pull away from. This puppy is something the guys enjoy doing together hunting and they can do enjoy it with other Christian brothers. My husband enjoys bird hunting the most. So I consider Ruger a gift from God. The timing , the cost, location, and the money provided after a dry time of work all confirmed this little guy.
   He should be ready for his first hunting season this fall being the perfect age to learn his fiirst season. Praise Him!!! Titus and the entire family are thrilled.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Wb 35 Wisdom quiz

We completed the wisdom quiz for Wisdom Booklet 35. Our challenge was how well do you understand the concept of forgiveness? I loved how the WB translated the word forgiveness to release as being free from debt or a prison. Of course this was the way Jesus taught the concept so long ago in Mathew 18:21-25

I am always encouraged to see my children answer wisely. The hard thing about being a parent is watching them know the truths and make mistakes. I must remember that sometimes they will get the lesson after mistakes are made. I know I have learned the hard way on things myself but God is good. As long as they are not making any major life changing mistakes I must learn to help and guide them like my loving Savior guides me.