Sunday, February 22, 2015

Scheduling the Wisdom Booklets with the Parent Guide Planner

     I am so excited to start back up with the Wisdom Booklets. We just sent in our yearly registration and ordered more Wisdom Booklets for the remaining of the school year & next year. Since I have a new baby instead of writing in a separate planner like I have in past I just grabbed a pencil and wrote in the Parent Guide Planner to schedule the Wisdom Booklet planner to save time planning.
     I circled the projects I wanted to complete. I am scheduling for a 4 day week since we are going to a homeschool co-op on Fridays. I began at the beginning of the Wisdom Booklet and wrote week 1 then Day 1..Day 2...Day 3...Day 4 planning my days for the week.For the projects I scheduled days for my younger students and the older in the age appropriate sections by simply circling and writing the day of the week above it. Also on the side were it it is blank it states student initials hours evaluation I wrote down supplies I would need for the projects for a quick glance when I am gathering materials needed the following week.

I continue through the Wisdom Booklet adding each week until the WB is completed. Some of the resources are long and so I break them up into days to read through. Here is an example as you can see on Day 4 will will begin to read in this resource on giant 4.

My printer is not working so I am waiting for a part to come in so I can't print or copy any worksheets. Since we are using a composition notebooks it is not a big deal. We can either make mini-books to glue in or simply write and journal as we go. I love this as it makes less work on me trying to print out or gather the needed worksheets. We can simply open the WB and go working in our composition books.
     Each student has an age appropriate composition book. As you can see Nehemiah in 2nd grade has a Primary journal to use as he journals his learning discoveries going through the Wisdom Booklets.

Since we do our Wisdom Booklet time in our living room I have an organize in there to hold their Wisdom Booklets, Wisdom Booklet LA, & journals.I still use my workboxes for other subjects and books.
 My husband this weekend placed a white board up for me also to use for the Wisdom Booklet time and to put our memory verses up.
  My husband gets paid on Wed.normally so that is when I look through my library to see what we have for the next week as I review the planner looking at what I planned at the beginning of the month. If I need any books I will go to Amazon to purchase a book we may need. We have Amazon Prime so as long as we purchase items with Amazon Prime it will be here in time for the next week. You can use the library too as an option but will need to plan ahead.
  Some of the books I might plan are read alouds, reading books, or research books with information. I first look at the recommended books in the WB. I like living books with lots of pictures and Christ centered books are on top of the list. So if we are studying George Washington I want a book that shows his love for the Lord.
 Planning the WB writing in the parent planner itself is a quick and easy way to plan the WB a month at a time.
    The journal makes it easy too in preparing as it reduces making copies of worksheets or notebooking pages etc. Your kids also have paper in hand. Another benefit is they can work on their WBLA writing assignment & vocab words that correlates with the WB all in their journal. This reduces the prep time for mom and keeps everything together organized as we work through the WB.
  I hope this was a help and blessing to you in preparing the Wisdom Booklets.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How Can it be you gave this precious boy to me. Caleb Joshua born 1/7/2015

 It is hard to believe baby Caleb is already 6 weeks old. I have been  at home for the most part enjoying every moment I have with him. The day he was born it was in the single digits . It was so cold there was frost on the windows, My nickname for him is Caleb Frost.
   It is snowing as I type and the temperatures have been in the negatives at night and will continue. I don't mind at all as I love winter were everything is as white as snow and we stay home as a family more being snowed in. Caleb Frost is my first winter baby and I must admit is has been my easiest pregnancy so far.I will be 43 in a few weeks so I am not a spring chicken lol.
   He is also a good baby.These pictures were taken in the hospital when he was born. He has black hair and dark eyes that remind me of a stary night.
  I have been praising God for my 8th son born. It is an honor to raise soldiers of the cross and raise His lambs for His glory. I was meditating at Christmas how Mary was just a mother yet she was chosen to raise the son of God on earth. I am not raising the son of God but my responsibilities before him are great as a mother with this precious life. All my choices and actions will effect this little life that is so dependent on me.Its only by His grace can I have strength through the years to finish the race He has set before me. A mother seems like such a small thing in our society but in the eyes of God it is one of the greatest jobs/responsibilities.
  Caleb Joshua was dedicated to Jesus Christ the day I found out I as pregnant and I am reminded by the Lord every day when I look into his little eyes. I praise the Lord for my Godly husband & church family that is beside me that the Lord uses along the path of life.

I wanted to share this song written.It is my heart song I sing to the Lord. He gave this song to me while I was pregnant with Caleb and I have been singing it in my heart ever since.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Creating a homeschool high school transcript

Today I worked on my son's high-school transcript so I thought I would share some websites to maybe help someone else to complete their own high-school transcript.

I downloaded a sample transcript from Donna Young's website.
Since it is in Microsoft Word you are able to erase the sample and place your students information creating your own personal transcript. You can also redesign it if you are familiar with using Microsoft word. Also at the bottom of the transcript it explains how many hours are needed to give a credit for a course.

I also wanted to share the website I use to generate my students GPA score.You can use grade or percent to calculate the GPA. The first column you type in grade or percent.The second column you type if its a full credit or half credit course. You can add more classes at the top or click on the red x to remove extra blank spaces for classes. Here is the website GPA Calculator.

We live in Pennsylvania so know your state requirements. This is the high-school graduation requirements for PA. .

Finally in the state of PA homeschool diplomas issued by the parents are legal.So I just purchase my high-school diplomas from Homeschool Legal Defense. HSLDA personalized high-school diplomas

My oldest son is applying for the unions and we have found they require a copy of his high-school diplomas so that is the reason we purchased him one.

I hope this helps.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Baby Dropped ~ What does that mean?

     Yesterday my sisters in Christ surprised me with a baby shower!1 I feel so blessed . I will post more about the shower which they called a sprinkling but it was more than that. I am so excited for this baby and we are now ready thanks to the Lord supplying our needs through these wonderful ladies. I can't wait to share pictures :)
  Today I went to my 34 week appointment. Praise the Lord everything is going well. Last Wed. my baby dropped. I could feel the pressure especially when walking. This is routine for me so I won't get excited that it means he is coming soon. He still needs to grow some before he comes anyway. My last several babies have dropped at 34 weeks leaving me to waddle like a duck for 6 weeks before they come in to the world. I normally go full term almost to my due date at 40 weeks.

I enjoy anatomy so I thought I would post to show what does it mean for a baby to drop.

As you can see it is not very comfortable for mom.  Caleb is only 34 weeks but he is gaining weight by the week so as he the weight will cause even more pressure because of his weight gain until he is born.

 The doctor confirmed today he has dropped so waddling like a penguin I will have to accept for the next 6 weeks. If you look at the diagram below you will see than can drop from -3 to 0. When you are in labor they go past 0 and they began to go through the pelvis. I am looking forward meeting this little active baby boy.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Manhood tradition...1rst gun ~* Daniel & Ruger

Today Daniel, Angelo, and my hubby went hunting for the seasons youth hunt with friends and their dog. Angelo just came for fun as he is too young to hunt, he is under 12. Ruger flushed out his first pheasant which Daniel was able to shoot. Daniel also shot two wood cocks. 
He just got his first gun this Thursday. We have a family tradition when the boys turn 13 they get their first gun as a symbol of entering manhood. They are the spiritual leaders of the home, protectors, and providers so my hubby choose this to be a special gift to remind them of this God given role.
Daniel's birthday was back in April. He has patiently waited since then to get his gun. We have had things come up like vehicle expenses, medical, etc. that has postponed him getting his gun. Praise the Lord we were able to purchase Daniel's gun this week when youth hunting began! 
Waiting I believe has been a good learning experience for Daniel because as a man he will need to make priority choices in life. He showed patience and understanding even though he was excited wanting his first gun as he lives for hunting. He was so grateful when he got it and it was worth the wait. He loves his gun and enjoyed getting to use it today with his buddy ,our pup Ruger, who has just began hunting and learning what it is all about. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Math U See , Unit Test ~mastering math

   Today Nehemiah took his Math test at the end of his lesson. He missed both review problems concerning rounding off numbers to the nearest ten. This was the same lesson we spent 2 weeks on mastering early. So today it was obvious he didn't master this lesson. Math U See is a mastery program but it also has review and a unit test after so many lessons to check and make sure they mastered the lessons they have learned.
   So I went back to the Math U See website and printed off some rounding to 10 worksheets that we will do all week. Since he loves video games I think I will find an online Math game to also help practice.

 Here he is working on the worksheets & a sample of his completed work sheet. I will continue working with him and keeping an eye on him mastering this concept.
 He completed his unit test and got all of the rounding off problems  right.I know he just reviewed this information from missing the problems on the last lesson test so I really won't count this as mastering this skill. The beauty of homeschooling is knowing your child by personally working with them and using the tests as a tool. If I just went by the test it would appear he mastered the skill but as his mom checking his math everyday and knowing his struggles I am able to keep mentoring him in mastering his weak areas. He passed everything else in the unit test so I won't hold him back but add rounding to the nearest ten to our current lessons .
Since he is done with the unit test. I will remove all the extra worksheets on the back of his folder and place them in a separate folder to make room for new extra worksheets for the next unit.
                                   I am loving Math U See!!
  We used Teaching Textbooks for years and I found so many wholes in their Math using the spiral method teaching math that I have found teaching math with the mastery approach is the best way for my family to learn math.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Measuring Scale For Ability in Spelling by Leonard Ayers a tool for McGuffey readers & dictation / narration work

This is a spelling assessment handbook to teach the most commonly used words. I came across this book on my journey searching for how to use the McGuffey readers. You can use it to test your student to find out what grade level they are in but that is a small part of this book. I am not concerned at what grade level they are in but want to improve their spelling from where they are and improving their writing by focusing on the most common used words .

  The beginning of this book goes in to details of all the different studies and research in creating this list so its not just a list of words that one person came up with. It originally was to compare phonetic verses sight words method of learning to read. The studies have been done in 250 cities.

 The beauty of this book is it has the the most common used 1,000 words in the English language used in writing. 

  Here is how the lists are broken down most common words we write:

  • 1rst 50 words = 1/2 of the words 
  • 1rst 300 words = more than 3/4 of  the words
  • complete 1,000 words= 9/10 of the words 

 As you can see this tool can be very handy when choosing what words to learn to spell in checking their dictation and narration work. 

Click here to purchase on Amazon

Here is an example of the first 50 words.

Here is an example of at the end of the week after I check their dictation work choosing words to work on for the next week. I don't have them do all of their misspelled words but use the word list to help pick and choose. I also will use my Spelling chart as I mentioned in another post if I see a spelling rule that needs worked on. This tool however is great for getting your students to write the most common words used in their writing assignments.

As you can see I did not choose the word sty. It is not a word they will use as often as the word one.

~* This is another tool I have found useful in my homeschool toolbox that I wanted to share.*~

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